Places to Find The Perfect Designer


A brand is the heart and soul of any company. It’s what sets your company apart from your competitors, so it’s important to have a brand designer who understands you and can create a brand that speaks for you. But where do you find one? This article has some great tips on how to scout for brand designers outside the usual channels!

Facebook freelancer groups

There are so many groups on Facebook that have international, competitive talents that can help brand your business. By posting a job or a project opportunity, you will have access to numerous skilled designers according to your budget, schedule and needs. Remember to always make sure you follow the posting and community rules and don’t be spammy. A few amazing Facebook groups you can take a look at are Freelancing Females, SocietyGal, The Rising Tide Society and Creative Lady Collective.


Yes, brand designers are all over Instagram, which is natural for such a visual platform. By following your industry’s top brand influencers and brand/product design accounts on Instagram, you will be able to find new talents or become aware of the exciting projects they might have worked on in the past. Another way is to create a job offering for the brand designers through your Instagram post or story, so you will attract talents to your DM easily.


On LinkedIn, the brand designer you are looking for might be the one who shows up on your feed or a connection from someone you already know. when you find a brand designer that you think is the best for you, consider writing a short message about how you love their work and ask if they’d like to get in touch (and don’t forget to include all of the necessary deets). Another way is to utilize LinkedIn’s native job posting feature. Make sure you add as many details as possible and set a well-defined deadline date so you can narrow down on who you’d like to work with.

Behance & Dribbble

Behance and Dribbble are well-known channels to scout for designers. These platforms are made for designers to show their portfolios and projects. Consider these two platforms the ‘Instagram for designers’, where you will be able to see in detail what specific designers are working on. As these are non-conventional portfolio channels, designers don’t always have their rates up, so make sure to do your research and/or reach out to them so you can discuss further.

Referral from others

If you know someone that has their own business and you like their brand design, why not ask them if they could refer some brand designers for you? This might be the most effective way to get your brand designer since they’re already referred by a person who knows how great their work is. Additionally, you will be able to hear from them about the process, the rates and even a few tips on what to expect.

As you can see, there are a lot of places outside the conventional places for you to find your perfect designer. Depending on what is required, resources available and your timeline, you will be able to find pools of diverse and talented designers using the platforms above.