How to Keep Your Brand Cohesive


Starting a new business, or even revamping an existing one, can be overwhelming. 

Where should I start? Which tool should I use to create my content and brand package?

What if I don’t even know which color scheme represents my brand?

These are all legitimate questions and trust me, we’ve all been there. 

But don’t let analysis paralysis get the best of you – also don’t go with the easiest and most random choice you can find. 

The key is to go back to the core identity of your brand. Understand the foundations of your brand inside out and then you can translate it into something cohesive & consistent.

A cohesive brand needs to showcase a unified front in every aspect and provide its customers with a similar experience and service every single time. 

💡 Think of Starbucks: no matter where you are, when you walk into a Starbucks store the smell, ambience music, and aesthetics is always the same. They always have the same packaging, logos, colors, uniform and vibe. Now that’s being cohesive! This ensures that the customer experience remains the same whether they’re in Berlin or Tokyo. 

But how can you achieve this with your brand?

Choose your color palette and stick to it

Your audience will remember your brand colors only if you repeat them and use and promote them constantly – so don’t stray too far from them. 

Keep a record of your HEX codes and provide them to the designers and SM managers as a guide. 

Sometimes less is more

You’ll be able to expand to as many online channels when your company grows enough to demand that type of presence. 

For now, pick two platforms in which you want to reach your audience and focus on growing on those. Where is your audience connected? LinkedIn is where all the professional C-suites & D-suites are, in case you’re targeting larger B2B. Are millennials your target audience? Instagram and Twitter are where they pay the most attention. 

Be extra prepared with your branding

Have more than one version of your brand logo: you’ll be able to pivot them according to the platform and the content you’re creating (e.g a festive logo for wishing happy holidays, brand icons for your website, etc). 

The key takeaway is to create variations of visual elements that belong to your brand, enhancing your brand presence and still keeping the main aesthetic. 

Coping Cards Branding Stationary

Create, use and keep your brand guide close to your heart

Create your Brand Guide (or work with someone to do so) and keep it at hand at all times. You may be tempted to stray a bit away from it from time to time, but it is important to stick to the branding guidelines that you defined. 

Does this mean you’re doomed to always repeat the same colors and guidelines? Big NO! Your business will be evolving and with it, your brand aesthetic too, so make sure you give the brand guide the necessary tweaks alongside your business’ growth.

Your brand should always be synced to your business’ growth, and sometimes it is necessary to rebrand and evolve accordingly. Now may be the time to do it. Check out this blog post to see if you’re experiencing symptoms of a rebrand.

Whether you’re just getting started or thinking of a rebrand, following a clear and set strategy will keep you and your business on the right path. I hope the tips above give you the guidance you need. Have questions or need more hands-on assistance with your brand? You know where to find me 😉