Instagram Feed Branding

I get a lot of questions from both clients and strangers about creating an aesthetically pleasing, magazine quality Instagram feed that looks good and stays “on-brand” at the same time. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! I am about to break it down for you in five easy to follow steps so you too can create a beautiful IG feed while staying true to your brand.

The best part? Having a cohesive Instagram that is a true extension of your brand can increase your brand’s presence and awareness, which means more traffic and sales! 

Make Instagram work for you by creating a strategy that works for your brand and business. No more mindless, pointless selfies and random posts. Let’s strategize your Instagram for business so you can start driving traffic to your business.

Identify the purpose and value of each post

Do you aim to educate or inform? Want to be inspirational? Provide entertainment? Focus on community building (like participating in a challenge, for example)? Or do you desire to create promotional/marketing styled posts? Remember, the value(s) that you provide in each post should be connected to your brand’s purpose. This way, each of your post has a meaning that the audience can relate to. If you’re building an Instagram for the purpose of creating a portfolio for your work, make sure you are posting quality work that reflects your ideal projects. This way, those who see them can really make sense of who it is you are speaking to.

Determine your post type

Once you identify what value your post will offer and how it will be linked to your purpose, decide on how you will relay that value. There are so many post types out there: inspirational quotes, tutorials & how-to’s, Q&A’s, Instagram carousels, videos, collages, etc. Determine which type(s) can deliver the value(s) you identified in tip 1 in a way that connects with your audience. This helps to streamline content production so you can be consistent and strategically create styled posts. Don’t aim to produce difficult, too time-consuming contents. Instead, aim to create easy, bite-sized valuable contents that are sustainable for you. Don’t force yourself to sit hours and hours on end to produce contents that do not convert.

Use photography filters

As Instagram for business user, it is highly encouraged to post photos from behind the scenes, photos of yourself (professionally taken, preferably!), or even something you work on. This provides personality to your brand because people buy from people. How do you make them cohesive, you may ask? Well, the easiest way to create a pleasing, styled IG feed is to use filters for your photos! The filters should express your brand’s look, feel, and personality. Filter presets are an easy way to remember which color themes you use and also to speed up photo editing. Keep a few different presets in your “content creation toolkit” so you can mix things up while still remaining consistent. Pro tip: choose different filters that complement one another in a stylish, aesthetically pleasing fashion.

Color-assign your posts

Always stick to your brand colors to create consistency in your Instagram feed. The best magazine quality accounts are designed for colors. For example, one post might feature blue flowers or blue elements. The next post might feature flowers but in a different style or complimenting color, or the post might have little blue elements as well. Don’t forget to use white space as a breather so your eyes don’t get overwhelmed. Try throwing in a few posts that have a soft-colored background with text every now and then, to provide variations. You can also use the color assigning technique (i.e., white for inspirational quote posts, blue for tutorials, red for promotional IG carousels, etc) to further streamline your content production. This is the easiest shortcut you can do to cut back on your content-making & planning time!

Get creative & stay stylish with visualization grids 

Visualization grids are perfect for igniting creative thinking and planning out-of-the-box content for your branded feed. Lucky for you, I developed an Instagram visualization grid template that can be used as reference and serve as a canvas for your content creation. Play around with different color scheme for your brand, drag and drop your contents and more! Let those creative juices flow and watch your beautiful posts come to life as you go from tip 1 to tip 5 and put it all in a visualization grid. You’re going to love it- promise!

June 30, 2020