Boost Your Instagram Presence

Feeling overwhelmed and pressured to create an aesthetical IG feed and online presence? High-quality images and engaging posts are very much attainable when you implement the right strategy. 

By creating a specific approach to how you present yourself and your brand online, your traffic and sales will increase – all while staying true to your brand values and presence. Who said you need to over-complicate and blow your budget for that? By implementing these tips below, you can take your Instagram marketing to the next level while having fun and connecting!

Clearly identify the purpose of each post

Is it an educational post or an entertainment post? No matter the reaction you’re looking to get with it, remember to always align it with your brand’s purpose and core values. This ensures that every piece of content connects with your audience.

Determine your post type

What value are you bringing to the table? Determine which way is the best to display the info (Carousel, collage, listicle, quote, etc) and choose the one that engages better with your audience. Sometimes less is more, so no need to create a difficult post – a bite-size piece goes a long way!

Make the filters work for you

By now, we (should) all know that behind-the-scenes pictures and personal content connected to the brand are an audience’s favorite type of content. By creating a personalized filter for your page, you’ll maintain a cohesive tone and look in your feed. 

Pro tip: nothing wrong with choosing or styling more than one filter! Keep your brand’s colors and theme throughout and use them to complement one another. 

Color-assign your posts

By sticking to your brand colors you create consistency. Remember real people are going to be scrolling through your feed, so give their eyes a break and take advantage of strategic negative space to give focal points to your posts.

Another pro tip: shortcut this process and assign a color to a post type (i.e. brown for testimonials, white for quotes, etc). 

Invest in your Bio

It may not seem like it, given that Instagram’s main feature is being a visual app that focuses on pictures and videos but your Bio is as important as having the right look on your feed. 

Let your followers connect with you by making a short introduction and letting them know what you can do for them. 

That’s right, it shouldn’t be a selling one-liner, but rather an engaging sentence where you make it all about your customers, not the business. 

When you implement these 5 steps to your Instagram business, you’ll be closer to achieving your goals. Ready to step up your Instagram game?

June 30, 2020