Authentic Branding


Did you know that 89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values (Fundera Brand Loyalty Statistics, 2019)? What does this mean? People don’t just want brands to sell them something. They want to connect with them and experience something more personal. In a noisy world of marketing, being able to create a genuine connection with customers is crucial. What makes your brand unique? Keep reading to learn more about how to gain a better insight into what makes you…you!

Go back to where you started

Sometimes, a “back-to-basics” approach can be exactly what your brand needs. Go back to the very beginning of your endeavor, and ask yourself a few key questions. What made you start? Rediscover the passion, the drive, that “it” moment that led you to create your business. What was the idea that sparked your creativity and took you where you are now? Your story matters because it can be something for people to relate to. Your customers are interested in the human element within the brand, and giving them your story is a great way to get them closer to appreciating who you are and your vision.

What are your beliefs?

It’s important to align your brand’s mission and philosophy with your target audience. If you aim to serve a particular group of people, you need to understand their demographic. Knowing more about their interests, needs, and social background can help you create a brand that suits their vision. You might also be able to attract more like-minded people with your brand’s ethics. Consumers don’t only make choices based on factors like quality and cost. They also think in an ethical manner. For example, some people support brands that stand against animal cruelty or believe in fair trade and humane labor. Brands that stand by such beliefs usually wear them proud as a vital part of their identity.

Show them how

Do you want to save the world? Great. How? It’s time to walk the talk. Beliefs and mission statements are awesome, but what can you actively do to live by your words? Show the audience how your brand takes steps to enact your mission and beliefs. This way, you’ll build more credibility and strengthen the way people perceive your brand. There are many ways you can go about this. For example, you could start by supporting local charities, as well as speaking out about a cause you are interested in. It doesn’t only have to be about charity: there are many ways to be actionable about your brand. For instance, a hardware shop might have a mission to spread the word about DIY and reduce waste by encouraging people to repair things rather than throwing them away. They could actively further their mission while promoting their brands at the same time by creating related content. For example, they could launch a series of video tutorials or “How To” blog articles according to their vision and beliefs. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all down to your creativity and style.

Be there

Finally, it is paramount to show your audience that you care. Nearly 94% of consumers are very likely to show loyalty to a brand that offers complete transparency (Label Insight Transparency ROI Study, 2016). Good customer service is essential, as well as making the customers feel more involved with your processes. Show them what’s happening behind the scenes. Humanise your interactions and showcase your personal side. People buy from people, not faceless entities!

These thought-provoking prompts are a few out of many out there, and can be a useful reflective exercise to ponder on when you want to go deeper into your brand’s identity and values. If you’d like to gain even more clarity on your brand’s personality, I created this freebie to help you on your journey.