Sustainable Brand Presence


We all know how difficult it can be to continue as we start: we get up in the mornings all excited for the day and all its challenges, but by noon-ish we’re lagging and feeling a bit… meh. 

Your brand is a lot like you in this regard: your brand starts out strong and with a clear vision, but six months, a year, two years in, it might lose its momentum. Sadly, you can’t just throw a Red Bull at your business, but we’ve got some easy tips and tricks on how to build a sustainable brand presence.

Visual Brand Guideline

This all-important document is one of the many, many things that your brand designer will (or should!) supply to you at the end of your branding project. It details how and when to use each brand asset so that you’re always consistent in the visuals you put out there. Study and understand this document by heart, because you want to be able to easily create your visual content for the long run.

Brand messaging guideline

If your business model includes resources for working with a copywriter, they will give you an extensive guide that includes all of your buzz words and terms to use in your marketing materials. Additionally, a copywriter can also help refine the best ways for customers to engage with your products or services. This will further bind your brand and help you to stay cohesive and consistent in your messaging. A lot of small business owners also work long-term with copywriters and ghostwriters as they churn more regular content. This can be the right path for you if you plan to produce a lot of content for various platforms.

Content calendar

Ah, the content calendar! What a useful tool to regulate and organise all of your content. Your content calendar will include all of your social media posts, blog posts, campaigns and ads, and your email marketing. It should fully and as descriptively as possible detail the topics and timelines of each item.


Templates are a great quick shortcut to create content and make sure it’s cohesive and consistent. You can use them for well, pretty much anything (think brochures, social media posts, presentation slides, etc). The beauty of templates is that you can quickly pop your content in without worrying that the visual won’t match. We have absolutely free templates that you can use for your service decks or presentation slides. You can see them here (or you can just tap the image below) and get started today.

Annual assessments

Assessments should be done regularly (bi-weekly, monthly, yearly – as needed) and include metrics that are important to your business, like the number of click-through, income and profit, product and service expansion, ad performance, and so on. There are so many things that relate to your brand, so it is super-important to identify what aspects are the most important to fine-tune your visuals. Some businesses hire third-party agencies to do their evaluation as this helps them with finding new perspectives & insights.

We know we’re always going on about cohesiveness and consistency, but that’s because it’s so, so important! A healthy, consistent-looking brand is a good performing brand.

Remember, if you’re ever in need of a rebrand or are considering what you can do to improve your brand’s presence, we’re just a click away!