Support Your Brand


So, you’ve finally got your brand figured out with your mood board, vision board, colour palette ready and your branding handbook nearby. But, you’re still a bit stuck and don’t know what more you can do to get your brand out there and look good.

It’s important to remember that your brand needs support – just like you. It’s not enough to have it all figured out, you need some supporting characters to help your brand grow into the best it can be.

We’re sharing some quick tips on how to best support your brands, so read on, dear reader, read on!


Photography is the easiest way to bump your visuals a bit. It’s totally worth the investment to have a professional photographer do a brand photoshoot with you (and your products) front and centre. This can then be used in your social media content, your website, used for promos on your items and so many other things. If you’re unsure about investing in a photographer, have a look at our post here to see how you can save some money on your branding and still get great service!

Social Media

Indeed, social media platforms can’t be freely customized, but make sure that you have things like branded banners, social media profile photos that fit your image and make sure that your tone and message read the same on everything you post. This will help to ensure that people know it’s your business profile. Make it easy on yourself and plan out a whole month’s content using the social media templates you’ve created. This will further help you to save time and will keep everything consistent. Pssst! We have a shortcut for you in case you’d like to get a jump start on your Instagram branding. You can download the template here.


Yes, we know uniforms can be boring, but they don’t have to be! Spend some time searching and looking (Etsy is great for this) for a business that can help you design a gorgeous uniform for all of your staff members. Having a branded uniform helps to make your brand appear professional and trustworthy, no matter how small your business is (even when you’re a solopreneur, having a branded clothing worn in meetings can really bump your value).

Filters and backgrounds

Zoom is so popular these days and its backgrounds are easily customized, so why not have your own branded backgrounds for business meetings? You can make it unique and distinct, which will put a bit of pep in your meetings and it’s great for brand awareness. Level it up further with having a pop-up green screen behind you, so you know… your hands or teeth won’t disappear when you move around. The key is to make it minimal, yet effective. Try to refrain from tacky and overwhelming backgrounds. The superstar of the meeting should be you and your audience after all!

These tips are so easy to use and we really want to stress their importance! It’s easy to forget about the supporting characters, but they really can contribute to the success of your business at the end of the day.

We hope you use these, and remember, if you ever need a branding hand to help, we’re just an email away!

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